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At Babyccinos we make your event as unique and as special as you are…

Whether it’s your little one’s first birthday or your partners fourtieth, our unique blend of offerings for adult and child alike make us the perfect venue for a wide range of celebrations.

We have catered for Baby showers through to 50th wedding anniversaries with naming ceremonies and NCT reunions thrown in.   If it is an event that will have adults and children present… we are the place to hold it.


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Baby & Toddler


1st birthdays through to 6th, we cater for the little ones and the adults too.  With bespoke “pik n mix” options to choose from, we make your party just that… Yours.  

Whether you have tons of kids coming or just one or it’s mainly adults, we provide food, drink and entertainment to suit. 




30th?  40th?  Wanting a party for a parent but need the kids there too?   Awesome coffee, your own playlist of music and bring your own booze if you want to, we offer the perfect venue for any occasion.  Try our pulled pork sandwiches or brunch buffets partnered with our unlimited coffee offer… then enjoy it all whilst the kids disco downstairs.   Perfect.


Afternoon Tea/

Baby Showers

The perfect spot for a mother-to-be, a baby shower at Babyccinos even sounds just right… 

Choose our adult buffet or go for the Garden Themed Afternoon Tea… whatever you choose, you’ll have a private venue with excellent food and our undivided attention.  Oh, and bring a bottle or two of your favourite tipple if you like!

50th 3

Anniversaries &

Naming Ceremonies

Taken from my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, the combination of quality food and adult environment never really fits with having the children present… except at Babyccinos.

For when you want to treat the Grandparents but they want to see the little ones, we are just the ticket.   Speciality menus can be arranged or, for that truly amazing experience, allow us to book you one of our fine dining chefs to treat the whole family.

xbox room

Cinema & Xbox


Whether for your bigger kids or your really big kids… or even a treat with the girls… an xbox party or private movie is a great way to celebrate with a difference.

Whether it’s your nine year old with his/her friends on 4 player Fifa or you watching Mean Girls with your mates…  either way, our 7ft wide projector screen is the perfect way to enjoy it.

hi res


Whether it’s a training course for staff, team building meet up or to run a sales party (from beauty products to cleaning products or anything inbetween) we offer a great venue to meet or present.  

With a 7ft projector screen to hand, comfortable and pleasant surroundings and of course, our exquisite barista coffee and homemade cakes available too, we are a great venue for any number of purposes.   Contact us to discuss hosting your next event.

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With over 400 5 star reviews, Babyccinos is the perfect venue for any family parties or events.  Here are just a few:

…”Thank you to everyone at Babyccinos who helped make this baby shower perfect!…”

“We had the pleasure of hosting a 1st birthday party for our son at Babyccinos.  Can’t recommend it enough!”…

“We booked Babyccinos for breakfast the morning after our wedding.  Ben was really helpful and flexible… I’ve had lots of comments on how good the food and service was.  Thank you guys!”