We think

Quality is more important than endless choices

To that end, we have created a simple yet quality line up of select dishes in a menu created specifically with tired parents in mind. Using excellent, locally sourced ingredients and cooked on site at Babyccinos, we are sure you will enjoy the delicious soups, pots and bakes we have lined up for you and your children.


Delicious, piping hot soups made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and served with a wedge of sour dough bread. See the board for todays options.



Be it slow-cooked beef steak chilli, a hearty stew or a Pork & Chorizo Tagine, our Pot of the day will undoubtedly be welcome after a rough night with baby. Healthy, filling and easy to eat one-handed, they are the perfect choice for the hungry parent. Served with a wedge of sour dough bread.


Who doesn’t love the taste and texture of a delightful pasta bake?! My mother-in-laws famous Lasagne, a Penne pesto with gooey mozzarella or a simple yet satisfying pasta pomodoro, they are all equally likely to hit the spot. Served with a side salad and choice of dressing.

Mini-Pots & Mini Bakes

Toddler hungry too? Always wants what’s on your plate? Order a mini pot or bake on the side of your adults portion and your little ones will be delighted they’ve got the same as Mummy or Daddy. A great way to get some real food into them and make them feel like big kids at the same time.

Puree Jars

If your child is not quite big enough for a Mini-Pot/Bake, perhaps a jar of our homemade vegetable & fruit purees? Made on site and from recipes concocted for the health and enjoyment of our little ones, our purees are healthy, filling and utterly delicious… all without you having to lift a finger. Sold alone or on the side of an adult meal, they are the perfect bridge between milk and mini’s!


As a parent, what can be more important than coffee & cake? Sometimes all that gets us through the day is the blissful combination of caffeine and sugar. As with everything at Babyccinos though, we believe that parents deserve the best.

Overnight Oats

Creamy oats soaked overnight and served hot or cold with a selection delicious jams, honey or nut butters


Finest crunchy granola served with milk or yoghurt

Hot Chocolate

A true speciality – you just haven’t had hot chocolate until you’ve had a Babyccinos hot chocolate… no need for gimmics or mountains of squirty cream, the sheer velvety deliciousness of this nectar of the gods speaks entirely for itself.



As the name suggest, this is where Babyccinos truly excels… Our professionally trained Baristas will serve you handcrafted coffees of the highest quality. Our Babyccinos Blend combines the finest beans from Brazil, Costa Rica & Indonesia, roasted and blended here in Yorkshire. A sweet and complex blend with a rounded and velvet-smooth body, this is a coffee you could drink all day. With a mellow texture and milk chocolate flavours, it’ll almost make it worth it when you’ve had a rough night!



A full range of Limini Teas will be on offer, with carefull attention paid to the often disregarded water temperature for different teas. A subtle green or a hearty breakfast respond very differently to boiling water. At Babyccinos, it is this attention to detail that truly sets us apart.


As with everything at Babyccinos, we are all about quality over quantity. Whether you choose The One with the Ham, The One with the Cheese, The One with the Veggies or our weekly guest Sandwich, you can be sure it will be the best ingredients on a delicious fresh bread, served with a classic side salad with balsamic & olive oil dressing and a portion of Kettle chips.


The most importantmeal of the day – yet the one you’ve least time or energy to prepare! Fortunately, here at Babyccinos, we’ve got you covered.
Choose from our Babyccinos Breakfast Bagel, our outstanding Morning Muffin or our truly delectable All-Day UltraToasts… Whichever you choose, you’ll be pleased you came to Babyccinos to breakfast like a king.