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Because you can’t be at Babyccinos ALL the time, we’ve created a range of our products to take home with you, from our freshly roasted coffee beans to our gorgeous mini aprons…
and of course, our cute Babyccinos cups!



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Indonesia, Brazil, Costa Rica

1kg      –  £22
500g   –  £12
250g   –  £6.50


Good coffee is all about freshness.  Don’t look for Best Before… look for Roasting date.  At Babyccinos, we wont serve anything more than two months from roasting date and it rarely goes past a month.   

So get your own Babyccinos Blend fresh from the roastery… bought to order and to your specific requirements.   Whole bean; ground for espresso or ground for cafetiere – you tell us how you like it and we will have it ready within a day.   

No more “months on the shelf” mass market stuff… treat yourself or your “coffee-snob” loved one to the real deal.

Available as whole bean or ground to your requirements



See options below

Prices per 100g

English Breakfast £4.50
Green Gunpowder £4.50
Peppermint   £5.00     Earl Grey   £5.50
Rooibos   £5.50     Lemon & Ginger  £5.50
Red Berry  £6.00     Jasmine  £6.50
Chai  £7.50     Darjeeling  £7.50


Whilst we also serve good, old fashioned Yorkshire Tea by the pot in store, our speciality loose leaf teas are even better still!   We serve ours in recycled, reusable teabags, you can brew yours however you choose…

Cold brewed; loose leaf or ask to try our eco friendly bags, whichever way you brew them, our teas are of the highest quality.


Bring your own container for a more environmentally friendly brew!



Single Origin


1kg      –  £22
500g   –  £12
250g   –  £6.50


For many places, Decaf is an afterthought – chemically decaffeinated instant or something equally poor.

Not so at Babyccinos – our single origin Brazillian coffee beans are locally roasted and used within weeks of roast date.  

They are also decaffeinated using the swiss water method, where the pre-roasted beans are repeatedly washed with swiss mountain water, fully removing all traces of caffeine without resorting to chemicals, making a smoother, tastier and healthier coffee – of particular relevance to breastfeeding mums!

Available as whole bean or ground to your requirements



Milk Chocolate


1kg      –  £14
100g   –  £1.50


The rich, velvety deliciousness of our high grade dark chocolate blends perfectly when melted into a paste and whisked with hot, creamy milk.  The ultimate in decadence…

Add a hazlenut syrup for that liquid Nutella flavour or a splash of Baileys to take it to the next level.   However you prefer it, we challenge you to find a more delicious hot chocolate than ours!



White Chocolate


1kg      –  £15
100g   –  £1.70


For those white chocolate lovers out there – or just those with a real sweet tooth – our white hot chocolate shavings are the perfect treat.   Melting easily into hot milk, the shavings add a creamy sweetness and the beautiful taste of white chocolate.

Add cream and marshmallows for a truly extravagant drink or a hazlenut syrup if you are a fan of kinder bueno!   Personally,  I love it just how it comes.



Give the gift of Babyccinos…

Branded Jute bags        £5
Babyccinos Vouchers   £10


The perfect gift for the Babyccinos fan in your life… or for anyone who loves great coffee and great style.

Make your own bespoke gift bag with any of the items on this page and enjoy a bespoke discount on the rrp.



Branded Jute bag

Mummy & toddler matching personalised aprons

 Medium latte cup & Babyccino cup

250g Babyccinos blend & 100g white chocolate shavings


Gift bag price £45

(rrp £51.70)



Babyccinos Aprons – for you & your little one
Adult  – £16
Child  –  £14 
Add personalisation – £2.50


For messy time with your minis, what better way to keep clean than your very own Babyccinos apron!
Top quality, long lasting and it won’t fade in the wash.
Or treat yourself to a personalised adult and child set – perfect for “Mummy and Me”, “Daddy and Me”, “Nana and Me” and more!


Personalised adult & child set in Jute bag- £35

(rrp £40)



The best for Babyccinos beverages…

Large Cappuccino cup (12oz)     £6.00
Regular Latte cup (9oz)            £5.00
Flat white cup (5oz)                   £4.50
Babyccino cup (3oz)                  £3.50


The only way to get the true Babyccinos experience at home… drinking our beautiful coffees from our beautiful cups!

Whether a treat to yourself or a gift for another… or to be “twinnies” with your little ones… a Babyccinos cup or two will look great in any kitchen.

Family set

Large cup, regular cup, babyccinos cup

Jute bag

250g Babyccinos Blend



(rrp £26)



Proudly stocking BabyLed Spreads 

Carrot, apple & hummus;  Avocado, red pepper & tomato; Red lentil & sweet potato; Spicy pumpkin & chickpea; Green pea, rocket & dill; Ricotta & bean


Pack of 3 – £2.75
Two packs – £5.00


Founded by another Daddy trying to make the world a better place for parents and babies… Babyled Foods were always going to fit in well at Babyccinos.

BabyLed Food aim is to make available to babies and toddlers the same range of tastes, textures and food types that we as adults have become accustomed to.

BabyLed Food stands for good quality, healthy food products that can be enjoyed from the start of weaning and onwards – helping your child to explore proper food right from the off.

Nothing artificial, nothing unhealthy.



Train Treats Discount Cards

£30 per card for 12 months
(two people per card)


A discount card with a difference, Train Treats aims to benefit those using the trainlines, with bespoke discounts available at select businesses within walking distance of the Leeds-Manchester line stations.

We are one of those businesses!

Train user or not though, if you use any of these local establishments, in Mirfield or surrounding towns, a Train Treats card could be for you:


Babyccinos ;  The Office  ;  The Railway

For more information, or to see what other establishments offer discounts, visit: