Ben Robinson

Hi! My name is Ben and I’m the proud father of three children, Georgia, Jack and Kit.   A huge advocate of hands-on-fathers, I have been fortunate enough to spend at least two days a week with my children since Georgiawas born.  This has led to me spending a huge amount of time in many different playgyms and coffee shops with them and it has been this experience with my own children that gradually formed the idea behind Babyccinos.

Being an avid “foodie” and a fan of quality coffee and teas, I have long sought that perfect combination of child-friendly facilities and mouth-watering food and drink. Alas, I have sought in vain. It seems as though, once you have children, your desire for delicious food, coffee and pleasant surroundings should just fade away. I found lovely coffee shops and cafes but with no space for a pram and poor baby-changing facilities, or uncomfortable chairs for feeding and tuts and looks when a friend breastfed at the table. I found wonderful play gyms where the kids were entirely catered for – but lunch was a dry cheese toastie and the coffee was out of a sachet. I couldn’t find what I was looking for so eventually, I decided to make it myself…

A child-friendly coffee shop with the parent at the forefront, serving quality food and excellent coffee yet where every element has the welfare, safety and development of the children at heart.

As an “honorary mum” in our NCT friends group, I have been a first hand spectator of the trials and tribulations of new mothers during the first two years of their childrens lives – with two of them already starting over with their second! In that time I have witnessed the fear, worry, exhaustion and trepidation that comes with being a mother on maternity. I have also witnessed the bonds of friendship that have grown amongst that group as they helped each other get through the toughest times, as well as sharing the enjoyment brought by the many wonders of parenthood. I hope that, at Babyccinos, we can help many other parents through the tired days, the don’t-know-what-I’m-doing days and the he-just-wont-stop-crying days – as well as enjoying the good times too.

Meet the team

Of course, as with raising a child, I could not have done this alone, so it is my pleasure to introduce all those who have contributed to making Babyccinos what it is…



First and foremost, is my wife Kate. Mother to my boys, 2nd mother to my Georgia and my partner in all things, Babyccinos simply would never have come to be without her.

A Barrister by profession and a mother at heart, she has still managed to find time for picking out crockery designs and proof reading menus.

There aren’t many venues where you have a Barrister as a barista but when she’s between trials you may well find her serving you coffee and cake!

For Babyccinos – as in all things in my life – Kate’s support, advice and occasional kick in the derrière has been instrumental.

So to my wife…

Thank you x


Partner & Mother-in-law

Marie is Kate’s mum and has joined with me in our Babyccinos adventure.  A former teacher and now a lead in public health both in the NHS and local government – not to mention setting up a fledgling nursery  as well -Marie has spent her professional life seeking to help and develop children and promote their welfare.

Having taken time out of work to raise her own two little ones, she is also keenly aware of the stresses and strains of being a parent at home.  This awareness only makes our shared desire to provide a relaxing and supportive environment for parents even stronger.

With her wealth of experience as well as being a strong advocate of the finer things in life, she has been invaluable in the development of Babyccinos.


of Lodge House Bakes

Mother-of-two Heather set up her cake baking business in March 2017 after a number of years out of professional life raising Hannah (8) and James (4).

After 20 years being in Hotel & Catering Management, Heather found she simply couldn’t commit to the long hours that career demanded and still give her time to her small children. Now they are that bit older, Heather has found she can use her skills to grow her own business in a way that still allows her quality time with the kids.

As a great source of advice in all things food and as the supplier of our simply delicious cakes, Heather has been absolutely amazing.

Emma & Josie

of Rhubarb & Ginger

Sisters Emma & Josie have established their joint venture, “Rhubarb & Ginger” on Mirfields high street in November 2016. A visually stunning premises full of beautifully designed and presented articles, R&G share our love of the finer things.

As parents themselves, Emma & Josie continue to throw themselves into their business, up-cycling furniture and providing the residents of Mirfield with expertly crafted and unique options for home décor, as well as wedding and events design.

The girls have long been huge supporters of the concept behind Baby C’s – even before the concept had a name – and their advice and support in all things design and furniture have had a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the business.

So, for all your help now and in the future ladies, you have our thanks.